The Player

by Boom Box Bros.

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Non-album, digital single.


The player strikes the levers, also known as keys
The keys move the hammers and the hammers strike the strings
Strings then they resonate at varied frequencies
Combined with pitch and rhythm, now you've got a melody (x2)

Verse 1 (.smallz.)
If the objective of the message is you gotta show and prove
Then I guess it's safe to say, that I'm gonna stick and move
Got a lot of fat to chew, and depending on the mood
That could take a couple minutes, or another day or two
I didn't come to play witchu, no games of Badminton
Authentic with the garment, still you claiming skepticism
I've been known to ride a rhythm, in the pocket with precision
Often let the plot thicken, 'til impossible's the mission
Lines I fill-in like a dentist, never been no one's apprentice
Keep it poppin' like a pimple, but my music's no mere blemish
Through glasses rose-tinted, it's hard to be inventive
So splendid then, uncommon men and women that we cherish
A comparison to no one, removed from the spectrum
Far beyond driven, is a given, with the outcome
I doubt some, (will) truly ever understand the motives
To be devoted and stay focused on the path that's chosen

Chorus (x2)

Verse 2 (Mic Hogg)
Fingers linger on the heavy strings, weighed by the memories
Singer sings a sad song serenade shaky beats
Drinker drinks another round maybe now she can sleep
Thinker thinks that he's profound until he open up to speak
Release, the dam is broken flowing out and on the ground
A flood of emotion, drowning in an ocean wave of sound
Rush of the undertow pulling you back down
The crush of water fall that's leaving you passed out
Drowned. Dead. Nothing but music left
So much for friends when there's rhythms in your head
Got so much left to express that the noise goes in the red
Then the levels and the registers can't even comprehend
Shoulda never kept it in, get let it be free
Cause music is a special language every body speaks
Strike a cord, play a key, write a song make a beat
Let your soul be engulfed by a rhythmic melody

Chorus (x2)


released April 4, 2019
Produced by Cool Handz Luke.
Kingz Of The Jungle 2019.


all rights reserved



Boom Box Bros. Flagstaff, Arizona

Three fellas rocking the Arizona hip hop community for the last 10 years have joined forces to bring the feel good vibe back to hip hop. What's the feel good vibe? Meet two emcees,Kris 'Mic Hogg" Hogge and Colin “Smallz" Haviland, joined by deejay Justin “DJ 001” Stump. Three guys that are well known in their town for their love of hip hop and passionate performances, but that's only the start. ... more

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